Garage Work Bench and Organization System

Garage Work Bench and Organization System

Make your garage work for you with a custom installation from transFORM.

transFORM offers a fully adjustable wall track system to hang shovels and other tools in an easy to reach place by the garage door.  A wall track system with a variety of storage hooks will make tools and equipment easy to reach. Use all the wall space available to keep the floor open for your car.


transFORM’s highly custom capability allows you to enhance your design with added features including durable aluminum shelf edge protectors, aluminum grill inserts in cabinet doors for ventilation, leveling legs, under-mounted LED cabinet lighting, and mica counter tops.


Design your garage workbench with plenty of drawer storage to have a designated place for all your tools and gadgets.  transFORM installs deep garage shelving with metal stiffeners that support heavy, bulky items like winter sports equipment and cases of water bottles.  Have easy access to your bird seed, sand and salt with tilt-out nylon bags and sliding chrome baskets.  Keep them off of the floor – protected and stored, all year.  Motion sensor activated and battery powered LED lights help you find supplies in the event of a power outage.  transFORM offers several LED models that can be mounted under cabinets to illuminate countertops, and installed in drawers and closets.

transFORM offers practical solutions and professional service to help you create a garage tailored to the way you want to use it.