Custom Home Offices


Custom Home Offices

No matter what your daily work includes, having a comfortable, beautiful, well-organized workspace at home can make you a whole lot happier doing it.

Imagine walking into your new home office with a custom ergonomic layout and storage system designed just for you. There is order everywhere you look. Your files are tidy and organized. Every supply has a home. Your most-used references are within easy reach, and other materials are tucked neatly away.

You sink down into a gorgeous, comfortable chair that fits you to a tee, at an expertly-crafted custom desk that shows off your sense of style. Cords and cables are hidden from view. The lighting is perfect.

Your mind is clear. Confident and relaxed, you’re ready to tackle the task at hand – whether it’s catching up on email, finishing an important report, or planning a party.

The transFORM Difference

We help people in the Metropolitan Area maximize space and realize their dreams of a custom-designed home office – be it a dedicated room of its own or just a nook.

  • Free consultation to discuss your specific needs
  • Skilled, creative designers that listen and work with you closely
  • High-quality, durable materials in every custom-designed piece
  • Talented on-staff build and install team; no sub-contractors
  • Customer warranty to ensure you’re happy today and tomorrow



Dreaming of a custom home office for one of your rooms? Tell us about it.